Mum, dad, grandma & grandpa

Parents and grandparents are the most important carers and confidants for children. It is of great importance for their development that we see them, take them seriously and recognise and accompany them in their being.

erlebniswiese supports and encourages:

  • Reliable and safe childcare, including during school/ kindergarten holidays
  • More time and predictability for household, work and own projects
  • Less traffic on the roads, less travelling time for parents and grandparents
  • Opportunity for cross-generational participation
  • The digital offer, which is transparent for everyone, enables parents and grandparents to obtain information together with their children and gain a better understanding of what is on offer at school/ kindergarten
  • Kindergartens, schools, parents and grandparents are inspired and connected with and through tangible companions/ partners who are based in the immediate neighbourhood and surrounding area
  • More identification and participation by mum, dad, grandma & grandpa strengthens children, makes them grow in confidence and makes them happy