Children / Pupils

  • Fun and joy in learning through a lively, loving, modern and sustainable learning program
  • Active experience, recognizing one’s own strengths and talents and learning to consciously accept them strengthens the children’s mental and physical health
  • Co-decision-making in the selection of experiences and learning experiences
  • Learning and working, including in places outside the school, allows children to grow in their independence and development and encourages their creativity
  • The children experience afternoon projects together with their friends and their social relationships are strengthened

Team spirit, self-reflection, empathy and a loving approach to themselves lead to greater balance
Children are given the opportunity for lively self-awareness and are inspired to be independent. Learning content is conveyed to them in a sustainable and playful way. When children know who they are, they can mature into healthy and happy adults. When they are allowed to discover their own values and talents, they live their dreams and visions and find themselves in professions that fulfill them.