What is erlebniswiese?

Better learning for happier Children

erlebniswiese gGmbH advises and supports kindergartens and schools in the realisation of lively learning structures.

Together with partners who live their heartfelt mission, erlebniswiese employees help to create new structures in the facilities and build bridges between new and old learning.

Evolving forward-looking and connecting spaces while promoting individuality and diversity in the educational landscape requires socially positive participation. Through learning diversity and regional places of learning, we can reconnect socially and across generations, revitalise regional structures and nourish them economically. The path to establishing creative and lively learning leads to a stronger society.

Children are given the opportunity for lively self-awareness and are inspired to become independent. Learning content is conveyed to them in a sustainable and playful way. When children know who they are, they can mature into healthy and happy adults. When they are allowed to discover their own values and talents, they live their dreams and visions and find themselves in professions that fulfil them

erlebniswiese only pre-selects partners in a personal context and after important documents such as the extended certificate of good conduct, signed protection concept, etc. have been submitted.

After registering the kindergarten or school institution, partners can be sorted according to the following categories:

  1. Education for sustainable development, Nature & Biodiversity
  2. Art, Music & Culture
  3. Heart Education, Mindfulness & Environmental Education
  4. Innovation & Technology
  5. Building & Design
  6. Movement

can be searched for, selected and booked.

From 2026, every parent will be entitled to all-day childcare in the first years of school and schools will be allowed to expand their programmes. Kindergartens and schools can use the portal to network with regional partners/ companions, save time and Kindergartens, schools, support organisations, municipalities and school associations are supported and relieved by the pre-selection, administrative review and bundling of offers in the individual regions.

Additional jobs and livelihoods are created and good learning experience concepts are given a secure basis for existence.

Parents, grandparents and schoolchildren can also view the offers on erlebniswiese and book holiday care offers and courses.

Social participation raises the level of education and creates more vitality and attention for education and learning culture.

erlebniswiese is able to grow thanks to funding from foundations and sponsors who share the vision of erlebniswiese.

erlebniswiese Day

Our 1st erlebniswiese Day took place on 17 February 2024 in Rieseby in Schleswig-Holstein. Now it’s time for the second round and this time we’re inviting you to Walldorf near Heidelberg.

Cordial invitation ❤️

On Saturday, 1 June 2024, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., we would like to introduce you to erlebniswiese and invite you to the 2nd erlebniswiese Day in Walldorf. Together we will dive into the meadow, talk about structures, goals, the portal and our partners and experience a great day with you.

erlebniswiese invites you:

When: On 1 June 2024, 11 am – 3 pm
Where: Haus der kleinen Hände, Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 14a, 69190 Walldorf

Participation is free of charge. Please register by email by 5 May 2024 to info@erlebniswiese.de.

We look forward to seeing you!

Transport partner

We would like to work together with transport companies from all over Germany to plan and structure transport for children and pupils, schools and kindergartens in an economically and ecologically sensible way.

What does erlebniswiese offer?

Our partners

The himmelgrün programme is aimed at kindergartens and schools. Children can also take part in individual programmes during the holidays. From gardening and creativity to learning about happiness.

himmelgrün pursues the vision of a world in which the radiance of all children is preserved. A world in which children are in touch with their inner and outer nature while gardening.

What does ‘Lieblingsfach’- favorite Subject offer? ‘LIEBLINGSFACH’ – Favorite Subject brings mindfulness into schools. The certified ‘Lieblingsfach’ – Favorite Subject trainers run AGs and workshops for children.

Tina Richter: “My vision is to eventually bring access to oneself to every life, every child, every family, every teacher in the world, to answer the important questions of life and to integrate mindfulness and self-love into life.”

ELENA KRAFT – K-System dance school

The K-Systems dance school offers dance lessons and guarantees a lot of fun while moving together, thereby reducing stress and negative emotions.

In addition, there are functional changes in cognitive functions as well as a significant improvement in memory, attention, body balance and psychosocial parameters. Several regions of the brain interact during dancing, resulting in a lasting improvement in neuroplasticity. The children’s physical condition, body awareness and creativity are also encouraged.


In the live programming courses, CodexPro opens up the digital world of programming to children and young people and teaches them new skills in a fun way.

This teaches them how to use new technology independently and responsibly and equips them for the future. At the same time, the CodexPro trainers point out the dangers posed by the world of the Internet and prepare children for them.

What is erlebniswiese?

Was ist Erlebniswiese?

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