Companion / Partner

  • erlebniswiese offers learning partners a stable livelihood and founders receive a livelihood
  • People get the chance to live their heart’s mission
  • Independent partners, such as nurseries, mindfulness trainers, dance schools, music schools, language schools, sailing schools, bakeries, sports clubs, artists etc. are given the opportunity to register their childcare idea on the erlebniswiese portal and generate additional income
  • Accompanying young people and inspiring them to work helps to eliminate the shortage of skilled labour in the long term. Young talents are encouraged and strengthened early on through self-awareness
  • Quick, simplified and secure entry for partners who are already working in education and wish to become self-employed
  • erlebniswiese is in direct contact with kindergartens, schools and brings together companions / partners
  • Presentation of the partners along with the education and childcare programmes on offer and the time available

Consciously accompanying and supporting children on their path to happy independence and self-determination ensures peace and opens up potential. It also reminds us that life is much more fun and enjoyable when we see the world through our children’s eyes from time to time.