Schools / Kindergartens

  • Social participation and increased identification means more recognition for educators and teachers and the profession becomes more attractive, which reduces the shortage of skilled labour
  • Schools and kindergartens receive support and guidance when introducing new structures and are relieved by the partners’ services
  • Schools/kindergartens and regional partners find each other more quickly and without a great deal of administrative effort
  • Substitute care can be guaranteed in the event of sickness absence
  • erlebniswiese offers holiday care – schools and kindergartens have the opportunity to cover additional care required for holiday weeks through the partners
  • erlebniswiese organises regular network meetings – through this exchange new perspectives can be brought into kindergartens and schools and educators and teachers have the opportunity to share ‘best practices’ and offer job shadowing
  • In the event of an exceptional pandemic situation, children can be accompanied to learning locations in nature or in smaller groups

“Teaching is a noble profession that requires a unique blend of patience, creativity and passion. In the often chaotic world of education, teachers sprinkle their wisdom with humour and beauty, creating an environment where learning becomes a joyful adventure.”